A Web Site as a Marketing Tool

A Web Site as a Marketing Tool


Many business man ask how a website help my business? Actuall website is a branding tool to enhance company image and to educate abour company business. Some use website to sell products & services like e-commerce shopping cart. Some use website as a live communication tools to customers. All lot of benefit from having a website as a marketing tol. We just need to figure out how we want it fit into our marketing plan. Some people want to simply make sales from website. Find a web design company to build sales lead marketing website


Basic Website Functionality:

  • Responsive Website (mobile friendly)
  • Web interaction (enquiry form, click to call, Google map & etc)
  • Simple web animation
  • SEO friendly content management system (CMS)
  • Web navigation bar
  • Genral searching bar
  • Banner slider


How to Design Your Web to be #1 Marketing Tool

1. Make it SEO and Mobile Friendly
2. Create a News Feed Page and Post Consistently
3. Read More

Marketing Website Versus Facebook Page

Why Having a Website is important for your Business! Business Website
VS. Facebook Page Your business website always
a priority marketing channel instead of social media page,
in fact, website gives you complete control over your entire media

Why and What is Marketing Landing Page

Any page where website visitors land when they first reach your site as know as a landing page. The landing page used for digital marketing and it is a standalone web page.





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