4 essential reasons why you need a website for your business?

Are you running a website for your business?

How long did you never revamp or update for the company website?

Nowawdays, almost 94% of Malaysian research businesses is through online, and 26% of business owners justify not having a website by thinking they don't need it.

Building your business on social media platforms is like building your business on shifting sand, and a ton of companies felt the great social media platform algorithm change a few years back, and it hasn’t gotten any easier since then, furthermore, the platform couldn’t segment the content properly, therefore, user (customers is hard to access to get the business information.

Absolutely you need a presentable marketing website, you can fully manage the brand identity & easy to create user-centric content structure as well.

Absolutely, you own it.

You don’t own any of the social media platforms, but you do own your website. restriction that you must be followed, sometimes accounts get shut down without warning. THEN YOU STUCK!

You control the brand & experience

Websites allow you to make a very strong impression with a well designed, you can change the brand identity, content structure, promotion, product details, news, web layout at any time as you want. You can show off your strenght, style and personality to achieve the business vision & goal.

Create Business Credibility

Nowaday customers are very wise in this digital era, they always will do plenty of research only before they make a deal with your business. A website can help showcase your company expertise and trigger the sales interest with customers. There’s no doubt a website can be your reliable tool for standing out in a crowd.


Digital ads/tracking pixel

All the user traffic come from the digital ads will be track so you will get the web traffic data alnalysis all the time.


If you’re going to do one thing today to help your business be more successful, it’s to make getting a website a priority. Your website is where you have 100% control over the look & feel and marketing content. Award a professional web design company is a key, the web design will  consult you and help to manage the web design project until complete.

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