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4 tips of how to pick the right URL for your website page

Each landing page will have a unique URL with two parts: the identifier and the page title. This identifier is unique to the list associated with your page. The URL can be previewed in the login page builder and will be activated when the link is published. You can edit the URL after it has been published. But still spend enough time to determine the URL that is suitable for your web page.

You may not have taken this into consideration when setting up your landing page. Carefully selected landing page URLs can promote your online marketing in two ways:

  • Can help your landing page rank higher search engine results.
  • Can help you turn more landing page visitors into buyers.

If not done well, it may be the real "weak link" in the marketing "chain", which leads to the loss of some sales opportunities. So let's talk about how to "correctly execute" when choosing a landing page URL. Here are some best practices for landing page URLs. Design and customize your website  page URLs to make it easier for your potential customers and audiences to identify them.

  1. Keywords matter
  2. Let your URLs be readable
  3. Let you web page URL match the web page content
  4. The shorter the URL, the better

1) Keywords matter

Knowing the choice of URL affects the SEO performance of the landing page. Keep in mind that while Google has recently made all changes to attribute SEO to premium content and punish bad content (including keyword-targeted content), keywords are still important. When keywords are used correctly, they can help sites or landing pages rank higher in search results. They will help you when they are placed in the page content of the login page. They can help you more when you place them strategically in a URL.

2) Let your URLs be readable

A URL with a long string of numbers and special characters is a bad idea. This is because such a URL does not tell you about any information about potential customers about where the link takes them. So why do they want to click on it? To avoid this, customize your URL and use the full word if necessary. Skip stop words. Delete words such as "and", "the", "or" to simplify and shorten the URL because these words are not necessary to convey meaning to potential customers. Also, please note the readability and length of the URL.


3) Let you web page URL match the web page content

Let your URL tell potential customers and audiences what information they get when they click on the link and where they take them. It’s a good idea to customize your landing page URL with content that directs your landing page promotion.


4) The shorter the URL, the better

Online information has a short range of attention and viewers tend to digest information quickly. In this case, a URL of approximately 50 to 60 characters is valid. If your landing page URL is longer than this, consider how to shorten it. Focus on keywords and information that is important to potential customers or customers from the URL.



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