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The balance in between website UI design and UX design

Some peoples will give their opinions mainly on the website designing, but these opinions will disrupt the process of creating a new website. If some ideas come too late, are easy or complicated will able to create more issues. Product development for a website rooted in collaboration, opinions, advice, and criticism. We must have teamwork spirit for us to create a website with excellent designing.


The “Root” of Design Problem

The biggest challenges in designing by committee come in three forms:

  • A good idea may come from wrong level
  • Committees may give their valuable opinion at wrong timing
  • Committees may offer their opinions without any supporting facts or details


Why Do We Have” Design By Committee” in the First Place

Committees are playing the most important role in the corporate world. In a highly-competitive business environment, we will operate our businesses with following the rules and regulations. Designing by committee more often leads to too many mixed opinions. Sometimes designing by committees will cause lack of feedback and responses from their website users or visitors. But if they collected feedback from their users, it also can make the designing process complicated.

If a team of peoples worked collaboratively, they will feel more easily can reach the successful stage for any tasks given. Collaboration is very important for a group of peoples to complete a task.


When Feedback Is Helpful-And How to Asks for It

Feedback can be helpful-at the right timing and by the right people. Rather than “designing” by committee, they also can try to get feedback from their clients, other colleagues, and management.


Collaborating with Management

When we collecting feedback from management, we must follow the following steps:

Use data

Use quantitative measures such as behavior data, and qualitative metrics like market research to support all the obtaining opinions. Evidence wins arguments and will allow members of management to make opinions that can become useful feedback.

Share early and often

We must make decision to choose the one path only.

Two options:

  1. Try to accept ideas from management and merge with our original ideas for completing the product(which can result in a sloppy effort).
  2. Dispose all old ideas and restart the process (a waste of time and money)

In addition, we also can share our ideas to the management before we start the process to ensure that they also can accept and like our ideas.

Start with a broad scope

It is much better to present multiple options and the details of different options to the management.


Talking to Coworkers

For committees to communicate well with their coworkers is a very important step in designing process. The right path that can lead to effective collaboration is every coworker must voice out their opinions from the beginning. Communicating with different departments can help us to gather and collect different ideas. From here, we can develop our product into an intuitive and quality product.


Working with Clients

The opinions of clients must be consider in the design process.

  1. Take “the customer is always right” with a hefty grain of salt.
    We must always consider any feedback from our customers to meet their requirements. But don't focusing too much on ideas or opinions from our customers, we also need to design a product for them based on our professional views and skills. In addition, we also must focus and try to find the solutions for those existed problems. Keep the emphasis on aligning the product with its goals and outcomes.
  2. Don't go on the defensive
    We should not give any excuses or reasons for our disability to help our clients to solve the problems. After our clients voiced out their problems to us, we must listen and give them promises that we will help them instead of avoiding our responsibilities.
  3. Guide the conversation
    It's much easier to start a conversation with “today we're looking for feedback regarding the site's navigation,” then trying to keep a conversation on track later on. Try to minimize distractions and you'll avoid confrontations down the road.

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