Marketing Website Versus Facebook Page

Business Website VS. Facebook Page

Why Having a Website is important for your Business! Your business website always a priority marketing channel instead of social media page, in fact, website gives you complete control over your entire media brand, brand identity, business goals and important point is the website presentation layout & content strategy is scalability & measurable. The marketing website definitely give the complete brand experience to the prospective, therefore, website acts as a main hub on the web were interested. Facebook page just for feeding news tools on social media.

At the end of the day, it’s much wiser to invest in something you fully own than the site doesn’t belong to you. who know some day the rules & regulation are changing and definitely will impact on your business but you isn't controlling it. This is why we strongly recommend to build your own marketing website as you have 100% control of your situation.


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Marketing web perfomance in digital marketing

Business goal full controllingYesNo
Corporate / brand identity scheme controlYesNo
Customise The Website content structureYesNo
Content positioning for multiple sectionYesNo
Content DatabaseYesNo
Adding custom marketing functionYesNo
Data PrivacyYesNone


4 tips for getting your own business website

  1. Register A Domain name to represent your brand & business

  2. Web Hosting & Email

  3. Look for an experienced web design malaysia company

  4. Kick off the search engine optimisation (SEO) to get busness visibility

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Can a Facebook Page Replace a Marketing Website?

No, but facebook can work together as one of the marketing tools which can brings new prospective to your main marketing channel (Website) and facebook is very hard to build your brand identity where the FB page motsly looks like another.

Facebook can be great for meaningful interaction and engagement, but it always hit and misses due to the page doesn't a justification structure design according to your business needs. Regardless what social media mareking end up also need to coma back to your marketing website, where you can maked a deal, encourage them along the sales process and ultimately create sales conversion.

Now You Know Your Website is the Hub of Your Business Online Presence

Creating A Marketing Website with experienced Web Design Agency in Malaysia

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