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The Advantanges of Customer-Centric-Web-Design

Most of customers will put high expectations on their web designers. We hoped that our web designers are able to develop a website which is unique, attractive and interesting for our company. A professional web designer must take all project objective and industry of our company to create a presentable website for us. Some of the websites was facing lack of attention from public. This kind of situation will lead them to revamp their website. But recently most of companies are facing one common problem, which is lack of developing a customer-centric-web-design.

What is A customer centric web design ?

  1. A customer-centric-web-design is able to satisfy or meet the customer's requirements and give them a brief explanations on the certain product of service.
  2. A customer-centric-web-design is able to convert our visitors into our customers.
  3. SEO website is one of the customer centric web design, the search engine optimised web site is more likely to have more customers and make more sales


How to build a customer-centric website

Before we designing a customer-centric-web-design, We need to know the following list:

  1. we must know clearly about what our customers are searching for when they are loading for our company website 
  2. what our customers wishing to know when they are reaching our website's homepage.
  3. We also need to make some online researches or market survey about how was the trend of market demand on our company services or products
  4. How useful of our company's products or services able to bring benefits to others.
  5. We also need to know about what is existing problems for our current website.

If we are able to predict our customers frequently asked questions, we can create a website with useful explanations about our products or services. A website with sufficient useful explanations is very important. It is also a good advertising method to promote and introduce our products or services to the public. Besides that, if we already communicated with our real customer, we also able to predict the most frequent asked question. We can provide answers or explanations to our potential customers through our online informations.

Last but not least, we must design a website with tidy and clear explanations because it can bring convenient for our customers to search and read through all informations in our website. If we design a website with bad visual effect, our customers will felt angry and disappointed of our website. This kind of situation can damage our company reputation and reduce our potential clients.


10 ways to create a customer-centric website - Microsoft Partner Network


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