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How to Design Your Web to be Malaysia #1 Marketing Tool

Before 2000s, just as a decades ago, web design were purely used to deliver information of product and services to public Internet users.  During 2000s and after the first ecommerce sites built by Amazon in 1991, which lead the arising of ecommerce portal websites (such as Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and etc.) worldwide later on. As the trend flow into Malaysia, many businesses have started to transform website into a point-of-sales platform where businesses leverage their website as selling platform to gain sales.

Since business owners began realizing their website not only can be sales tools, it also can be great marketing tool. Besides ecommerce website, building and designing a corporate website is to ensure your brand to reaches larger audience in order to create greater awareness. On the other hands, you have to put more effort on how to convince their target audience about the merits of the products and services you promoting and turn them into your customer.

Turned your website into marketing tool is a need. However, this is not easier said than done, you have to put a little more effort on tuning and design website as a successful marketing tool. The tuning process could be painful if making wrong turns.

Over time, Entertop team have learnt the hard way and summarised some useful tips that can be applied to all websites. If need to know more about how to create a website for further reading. 


These tips can incorporate irrespective of your website domain and your businesses’ audience

Make it SEO and Mobile Friendly

When we talked about mobile friendly, the first comes to mind will be responsive website. Building responsive website is becoming a trend in Malaysia when everyone has a smart phone on hand. Design website responsively is in order to bring the browsing experience on mobile to next level without losing content those found in desktop version.

For SEO friendly website building, you must always do some keyword research according to your marketing objective and goals. Remember to set strong long-trail keywords which more specific terms that most people keen to search about the services or products. As a result, search engine optimization (SEO) is able to get your website to higher rank/position in search results which bring more user to approach your site.

The reason we inter-relate SEO and mobile friendly topics on same section is because when websites need to become SEO friendly, they must be mobile friendly and responsive. Based on article “Rolling out mobile-first indexing” from Google Blog, Google search engine will be starting to prioritise the responsive website in search result, while website with only desktop version will be put in lower position. Therefore, keep your mind about "Mobile-First Indexing" and design website responsively is a must in Malaysia now.


Keep Website Design indentity Consistent

Your website is the reputation of your organisation which is used as business marketing tool. Building familiarity on your website is very important, this maintain user confidences when browsing same environment. To do so, put your logo in website header so it is visible on every web pages. Secondly, unify the website colour scheme and theme of images are used in marketing.

Besides, this unification of the website can extends the look and feel to your other marketing platform or tool, such as email blasting, social media platform, and other advertising in order to reinforce your brand identity.


Primary Your Web Content and Visuals

Nothing is more valuable other than content, people always said “content is the king” as for a successful website. Unique and meaningful web content could make your website stand out and make it a powerful marketing instrument which gain customer trust of your brands, services and products.

When users are interested of the website content, they most likely to recommend and share among their friends and their social networks. Eventually, they turn out to become your organisation part-time promoter of your business through mouth-to-mouth marketing.

How to gain trust of user on your website? This is big question most of the business owners are questioning. Web design in Malaysia with a way of out-of-box thinking and contemporary fashion are yet to be accepted by most of the traditional organisation.

For example, if your business are working with top of the line and highly reputed customers, you may show that fact on your website. Besides, promote more about your company strength, metrics on the aspects of awards, product and services. Consequently, these elements drive the website credibility which convince consumer to trust on your brand or services.


Visuals, it is also important fact that you need to pay attention when creating web content. Words most of time get visitors not to stay long, unless there are visual graphic add-ons – infographic. A recent study revealed people tend to spend more time on reading an article with more infographic than the one just texture content.


Create a News Feed Page and Post Consistently

Many of the website have news update or blog, however, they are seldom underutilized. The reasons why the sections are rarely update due to cost and resources to maintain consistently, or they have no idea what content to post, thus, they seeing news feed section or blog has no values to keep.

As successful website marketing tool, a news feed and blog site is important and their value cannot be neglected. Updating news feed regularly with new content is a way of building trust of client and also make your to be ranked higher in search engine.


Put Calls-to-Action Obviously, Engages Users

Lastly, we talk about users’ engagement. First thing first, make your website call to action button, images, or any other interacting element prominent. Never put a tinted glasses on them, they are not supposed to be shy and let them to be stand out!

When you are selecting images for the website, don’t just consider about high quality, stand-out, related, but also think about actionable which reflect the products or services you are offering. Use image as a trigger to promote your selling item. As a result of well-planned call-to-action elements on the website, they can boost your website conversion rates, at least if not they act to be decorative element.



Website cannot be transformed into marketing tool in a day time, magic does not happen here, the transition required sustained efforts of maintaining. One of big forbidden thing of the website being successful marketing tool is never put the site content remain permanent. Show your aggressiveness of your business on the website that will make it more marketing friendly, yet, it need some time.

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