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Are you Ready for DNS Flag Day - website services may become unreachable

On 1st of February, domain names resolution will be affected if you are using non-compliant DNS servers. These services may become unreachable, slow to access or intermittently unavailable.

DNS software and service providers will remove accommodations for non-compliant DNS implementations from their software or services, on this date. This change will affect only sites operating non-compliant software. The improvement is designed to make DNS operations slightly efficient, and also allow operators to deploy new functionality.

How to prepare for the changes?

Please validate your Domain Name to ensure your website is not affected by the DNS Flag Day. We recommend that you test whether your .MY domains are compliant and remains accessible by 1st February 2019. To know more please go to


If the DNS servers compliant you will get the result "All Ok".

DNS Server not complaint


if the DNS server not compliant you will get the result "Serios problem detected" or "Minor problems detected!"

DNS server not compliant

DNS not compliant

What is DNS ?

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