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5 Tips of How to Keep Visitors on Your Page Longer

Do you want to let your visitor stay on your site longer? The longer visitors stay on your site, the higher their participation and the higher their chances of conversion. The time people spend on your website clearly shows how they feel. If users are gives up on your site without spending enough time to view it, then something is wrong that needs to be fixed on your website page design. In this article, we will cover some few points to keep visitors on your page longer.


1. Go simple on the background

First, your web design must first achieve one goal: To present your content in the best possible way so that reader feel interesting and continue reading. If your site overloads the reader's visual nerves, they won't stay around. A light, solid background will let your content more comfortable to read.


2. Use an easy-to-read font

In the same vein, the font you use will also affect the clarity of the content. Keep in mind that the first goal is always to enable people to read easily what you post here. Therefore, go simple, use an easy-to-read font in your content.


3. Reduce your page loading time

Besides, one of the basic things you need to do to make visitors stay on the site for a longer time is to reduce the time it takes to load the site. Even a 1 second delay in page response will result in a 7% conversion reduction. Here is the main point to reduce the page loading time which is image compression. Your image will have a huge impact on load time. If the image is too large, you can reduce the size by compressing the image.


4. Add a related posts section

To increase the visitors time on your page, you also can invite your readers to continue reading more articles. They are already interacting with your content and just need to nudge to continue reading. Nudges appear in the form of relevant positions. It's just a box at the end of the post with links to other posts that are related to the post they just read.


5. Check for 404 errors

The most reliable way to keep visitors on your page longer is to have the visitor enter a non-existent page and display "404-not found". Faced with the most unpopular sites on the Internet, they may leave and never come back.



In conclusion, if you want to keep visitors on your page longer, you should check on these few steps: Go simple on the background, use an easy-to-read font, reduce your page loading time, add a related posts section and check for 404 errors. That's it, we hope that these can help you stay on the page longer. Looking someone for help you out about website page optimisation, find out more about website SEO at here.




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