How to make your website attractive

An attractive look website will attract the attention of visitors, which is critical to making them want to stay on your website. Your website must contain information about your products or services that can tell your current and potential visitors, and that information must be easy to use. Here are some tips to consider when creating a user-friendly and attractive website:


Create recognition of your structure with a logo.

A logo that can enhance your structural spirit or remind you of the cause, which helps make the site memorable. Visual recognition through the logo is part of the emotional experience that users experience when they connect with your organization.


Create a coherent graphical chart.

Help establish consistency by choosing colors and fonts that are complementary to your association or foundation identity and ensure they are maintained on all pages. Maintaining the visual consistency on the website and reflecting it in all other information and communication media will enhance the image of the organization. Visual themes should reflect the culture of the organization while attracting the visitors.


Create a system for a better navigation

A good navigation system can also make your visitors browse your site faster and more efficiently than ever before. If you've successfully built a good navigation system, it's likely that your customers will be browsing your site more often, which may lead to buying opportunities.


Create an overload-free home page that encourages exploration.

The messy home page is filled with too much text or too many graphics that may drive away visitors. The home page is usually the user's first impression of your structure. It should never be designed at random just to have a presence on the web.


Create emotional bonds by using photos to tell stories.

Using static or rotating photos helps to put faces on visitors. Avoid using photos that may be used elsewhere, because your photos need to not only enhance the image of anyone, but also enhance your image. Unlike video, images still allow users to focus on specific points in time to contemplate and create a lasting links.



Creating a visually appealing great website doesn't necessarily require a lot of budget but require well planning. However, if your budget allows, improving your site is a cost goal. Please consider the following tips to help you evaluate your existing website, let's talk a web consultant that can help you improving website appearance

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