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What is the difference between corporate website & marketing website?

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1) Corporate Website

In today's marketplace, every corporate need a website. A corporate website is typically the website that company use for brand recognition, showing company profile, business information like events or activity. A Corporate website can be engaging customers, gathering feedback from customers and providing better support for customers. A corporate website only apply to one entity, web content not sharing with the third party.

There are many types of business website in the market, you must know which is applicable you needs, beside, the web design company will get you advise and for developing a persuasive business website. Please find website types as below.

  1. Corporate website
  2. Industrial Website
  3. Association Website
  4. Trading website
  5. More...

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2) Marketing Website

And what about Marketing website? Also known as Internet marketing website is used to promote products and services. and getting more online traffic to a website. Marketing website is used for gaining more customers. This type of website having a lot of marketing strategies to advertise and market the business. Call-to-action function must have on the marketing website. Normally when starting to build the marketing website must have the business target goal, and digital marketing plan before running this type of website. Business info is not necessary to put into a website. Marketing website can be a web portal like Lazada, Alibaba. Some web content information can be shared with a different entity. Information like term and conditions info can be applied to all merchant in the website. Or just use one simple landing can run a digital marketing. 

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3) Question

Now we a big question should we have two different type of website at the same time when are we running a business? or just having the marketing website is good enough? First, we need to know what website element and website function should have on the marketing website or corporate website. Bellow is the comparison table



Corporate website

Marketing website


  • Build the global presence
  • Increase business visibility
  • Build business credibility
  • Build relationship with clients
  • Project tendering
  • Creating a corporate brandiing
  • Public Relations
  • Investor and Analyst Relations
  • Sales Campaign
  • Selling product/service item
  • Generate Lead
  • Advertising
  • Social Media

Web Features


  • Responsive web
  • Corporate Video
  • Dynamic website
  • Service/product catalog module
  • Call-to-action function
  • Responsive web
  • Interactive
  • Dynamic webiste
  • Call-to-action function
  • CMS system
  • Leads features
  • Shopping cart/product catalog module

Who use

Corporate Management Team

Marketing Team

Web tools needed

  • Web & Graphic design
  • CMS system
  • Website Analytics tools
  • Web & Graphic design
  • CMS system
  • Website Analytics tools
  • Lead form
  • Online Chat tool
Manpower involved
  • Professional web development team (2-3 person]
  • Corporate Web consultant [1-2 web consultant]
  • A sernior web designer [1-2 person]
Lead time3-5 months2 months


We can see that on the table above, normally one company only have one corporate website in one country but can have, multiple marketing websites to serve a different type of purpose, product, and service. Due to budget conscious, most of the business just run the marketing website instead of a corporate website.

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Please find the best corporate website design to inspire you. Usually, as a professional team will design & development from the scratch, furthermore, the design element will be contained of dynamic web, coporate identity, persuasive & business engagement.

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Which ones you choose depends on the type of business you are in. If you running a business just for selling product, you can use marketing website without having a corporate website. And you much do a reasearch taht know how to define a good company website as crucial.


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