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Material Design is becoming a trend - know about Material Design

A visual language for users that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. There are three aspects to be considered when coming out with such a design:

  1. Material is the metaphor
  2. Bold, graphic, intentional
  3. Motion provides meaning

The environment given out by the graphic must be three-dimensional. This can be utilized using light, material, and cast shadows. However, the z axis is maintained at a uniform 1dp thickness.

3D space with x,y, and z axes

Shadow cast by key light

Shadow cast by ambient light

Combines shadow from key and ambient lights

The content displayed is only added on the surface but not as thickness to the material. They behave independently of the material, but are limited within the bounds of the material. Hence, the input events only affect the foreground material and not the environment.

The tip to pull this trick off when there are multiple objects is to differentiate their space by using elevation and ensure that one sheet of material cannot pass through another sheet of material when changing elevation.

Any transformation effect can be only performed on its plane. There should be no bends or folds on the actions but instead join or separate effects.

Source: Web Desin Book of Trends 2017, by UXPin

and Material Design, from materialio

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