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Why Responsive Web Design - RWD

The advent of the first iPhone in the 1990s not only brought about the vigorous development of smart mobile devices but also changed people's habits of surfing the Internet. From then on, the Internet has not only appeared on desks but also has been quietly moving to people hand. Mobile devices become the mainstream web browsing devices, and the communication between websites and users has become closer. Therefore, the compatibility of web devices is also relatively important.  

The traditional web design methods used in a mobile device having the following issue often appears: and why need to change to RWD

1. Website viewing not easily on small-sized devices, text images are often too small, and broken pages easily.

2. The same website needs to build two or more versions of computer desktop Pc and mobile device, which takes time and costs increase.

3. There are numerous screen sizes for various devices, and you cannot design layouts individually for a single resolution.

4. Influencing the natural ranking of SEO search engines (The website that supports RWD  can increase the search engine rating)  

What exactly is "RWD Responsive Website Design"?

In a simple explanation for RWD, Firstly we put a variety of different screen size devices such as computers, laptop, mobile phones, televisions as a variety of different sizes of "containers" of cups. Then we put the contents of the website, pictures, text, and media as a "liquid" ready to be poured into the container, when we are browsing the website, it is like "injecting liquid into the container," so that the liquid fills up the space of the container itself and finishes the layout configuration of the content itself. If we use the small container, the extra liquid (information) will not be poured into this container. It just let us browse necessary and vital information only.


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