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Online security issues might scare away customers

Since 4000 years ago, we always been worried about security. In this high-tech society, more peoples are concerning about the internet security because everyone will always use internet at anywhere. But in the last couple of years alone, we already discovered that many online hacking cases happening around the world. It is really difficult to keep online data or information safe. Google can help us to avoid unsecured websites.


Issue: Non-secure website warning

The latest Google Chrome release(Chrome 56) has a new feature: pages collecting either passwords or credit card details that are non-secure will be flagged with a warning in the URL bar like this.

We can see the “Not secure” label that warns users, if we continue to proceed to that website, our computer maybe will hack easily by active computer hackers. It is very important for keeping our information safe and confidential. But it also will scare your users away when they saw this pages.

Google chrome but other browsers like Firebox have similar features, and the remaining browsers are likely to follow suit. Increased security in Chrome alone should be reason enough to switch to SSL. 44.5% of all web users choose Chrome- by far the world's most popular browser- so your non-secure website could drive away almost half of your would-be customers.


Solving method: enabling SSL certificates

If your web page has a Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) certificate, then your page is secure with lower risk of being hack by others. SSL is just a secure method of communicating over the internet.

When SSL is enabling, everyone visits your site, they will get notice with a reassuring sign:

If this sign appearing in a website, all the users can proceed the website because their information is safe and confidential. If your website is not secure, it will reduce your search engine rankings. The security level of your website will affect your rankings.


Conclusion: Build a more secure online environment

This security measure is just the first step in Google's long term plan to flag all non-secure HTTP pages in Chrome, not just password-/credit card-collecting pages. Since Google is very famous among peoples around the world, this measure has high potential to become a common feature across all browsers. When this feature greatly develops in future, those non-secure websites will become useless for their visitors. In order to prevent losing of our potential customers, we must take action immediately to create a secure website.

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