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The Benefit of FAQ section and Tips to Write FAQ Section

When building a website, you might think that the home page is the most important. However, let me give a reason for your site's humble "Frequently Asked Questions" page (FAQ). The best FAQ page does a lot of heavy lifting on your website. They are one of the best ways to win new customers, complete sales and save time answering duplicate questions.


Benefit of FAQ

The benefit of the FAQ section is that it saves you time. If you spend a lot of time answering email or social media queries, the FAQ can save a lot of time. The customer already knows to go to the FAQ to find the answer


Besides, it builds trust and shows you gain trust. A well-written FAQ page shows the experience. You know what the customer is thinking and already have the answer. This is a great way to increase the trust and professionalism of your website.


Furthermore, it brings new website traffic and new customers. Google’s goal is to provide answers to your questions. If you enter text in a question and answer format, you have already completed half of the work. Even better, if you respond well to a question, you may find your name in an answer box or feature summary in Google, which will give you a lot of traffic growth.


Tips of FAQ section

Your FAQ page should be easy to understand and easy for customers to use. These tips will help ensure that your page follows FAQ best practices. First, write the question in the first person from the customer's point of view. Write the question in the way the reader will ask. Therefore, the customer is "I" and the website owner you are "you". Sticking to this format makes more sense for the reader, reduces confusion, and is more in line with what people type in the search engine.


In a world full of sales and lengthy passages, answering questions directly and quickly is a relief. Therefore, if you can, please keep the answer to the short paragraph, less than 100 words. If you're going to market or delve into a lot of details, it's not part of the FAQ page.


Thus, showing personality is one of the tips to write FAQ section. Just because the FAQ part is direct does not mean it must be boring. Take this opportunity to write down your brand's voice such as humorous, casual, dignified, etc. and even share some behind-the-scenes information about your company to add color to your content. This is a great opportunity to prove that there is a real person behind the site thinking about your customers and answering their questions in person.

If you haven’t added a FAQ page to your site, now is the best time to try it out!

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