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Web Design Malaysia Facts for SME 2019

Do you have a big question mark about what important of web design to users? Many Malaysia small business enterprise (SME) owners are struggling to decide if the right time for revamping or upgrading corporate website. No worry, we will bring you out of the mysteries. At this articles, we will be focusing on creating data-drive results of research done on web design Malaysia statistics, such as Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools & Moz.


First Impression Matter

  • About 15 minutes content reading given, two-thirds of people would rather prefer reading something beautifully designed than something boring
  • When the website content or layout are unattractive, 38% of people will choose to leave from the website, as a result, the website will high bounce rate
  • The most primary factor of decreasing the credibility of a business, is the design of website, as 48% of Internet users have cited.
  • In order to impress the users what they could find out of your website and company, normally your site will have 10 seconds to show case, otherwise they leave after that
  • Based on design research of Moz, the most common mistake of the corporate or small business make when creating a crowed web design, this confusing visitors which eventually lead them to leave the website


Every Seconds Counts

  • Visitor forms an instant opinion in 0.05 seconds when your page loads
  • Web page loads in 2 seconds or less is the expectation from 47% of Internet users
  • 39% of people will jump off the page if the web page images take too long or do not load out


Read All About It

  • Before have glance of other sections, 47% of visitors focus on checking out company’s services or products
  • 64% of website visitors wish to get the company’s contact information, once reach to a website home page
  • If there are no contact information found on website, 44% of website visitor will leave the corporate website
  • Peer-created content is the most valued things in website. Overwhelmed consumers treat to family, friends, and colleagues as the most reliable content sources


It's All About Perspective

  • 62% of companies designed the corporate websites as mobile friendly to increased their sales, read more how to design website to be a marketing tool
  • When first search result website if not mobile friendly, 40% of users will choose a different one
  • If the website is not working well in mobile, 48% of the people think the business simply not caring
  • As in desktop computer, 90% of visitor use multiple screens sequentially
  • Mobile device users now account for nearly 4 of every 5 minutes spent online
  • Smartphone is the most commonly used devices of people after Z generation (Millennials)


Steps to Take Next

As a business owner, it is crucial to keep in mind what visitor need and the research that back it up hence we can make informed decision that will increasing leads and building trust. Hesitate where to begin on updating or creating your website? We are here to guide and help, contact our web consultant team to receive a free website analysis so that we can help you grow your business.

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