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What is Landing Page - Why Landing Page

Any page where website visitors land when they first reach your site as know as a landing page. The landing page used for digital marketing and it is a standalone web page.
A landing page is also an important term and concept for inbound marketing and lead generation. Normaly web design malaysia company will use Landing page to give customers a clear call to action (CTA).

Landing Page

The different between Landing Page and Home Page as the following table.


Landing Page

Home Page  

URL Link and navigation

Having fewer links
Less Navigation Elements

Having more links
More Navigation Elements

Focus action

Call To Action


Design style

Clear and Concise

Trends and Creativity


to increase conversion rates when it comes to paid advertising

general purpose it design todesigned to encourage exploration.

The two purpose of a landing page

    • First to capture leads that enable you to market to people in the future
    • Second to “warm up” potential customers to the product you are trying to sell to them before sending them further into your sales funnel.


Landing Page Types

Lead Generation landing pages Click-Through landing pages need a web designer to build it

What Landing page can do?

    1. Advertise sales and discounts
    2. Run a giveaway
    3. Announce a pre-sale
    4. Offer a free download
    5. Collect personal information (generate leads)


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