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Enterrom is a fully integrated PHP-based proprietary all-in-one Content Management System (CMS). Besides, Enterrom is modular web application which consists of E-commerce (Entercart), and other customized modules that allows you to create cutting-edge websites and optimize your digital customers’ experiences fully across multiple channels. Enterrom help you save time and resources as you can accomplish more.

We are a team of strategists, creatives, and technologists, driven by a passion for crafting immersive digital brand and user experiences across web platforms. Over the past ten years, Enterrom is already built for corporate clients whom come from various segment of industries in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia and Japan.

Enterrom At a Glance

  • Hassle-free Content Editing

    Hassle-free Content Editing

    Managing the web content without sophisticated configuration. "Folder and File" is our web content module concept which proven it has lower learnability to users.

  • Extensibility & Scalability

    Extensibility & Scalability

    By applying "Folder and File" concept, our Enterrom CMS can be easily equipped with various website front-end dynamic JavaScript plugins (jQuery & AngularJS).

  • Easy-to-Use Web Platform

    Easy-to-Use Web Platform

    The Enterrom CMS is targeting wide range of user, novice to advanced user. With diversified system modular, system users can be divided into several groups to operate specific task.

  • Closed-source Proprietary CMS

    Closed-source Proprietary CMS

    The Enterrom core system is closed-source to public and it is solely developed by our RAD team. Hence, this decreases chances of having potential security risk and vulnerabilities.

  • 65++
    Integrated APIs
  • 430++
    Customized Sites

Implemented Case Highlight

Major Module & Solution

With Enterrom you get easy page management and multisite functionality from a single UI, helping you to develop mobile-ready sites to create the ultimate web experience, and run your business globally.

With much more out-of-the-box functionality than any other vendor. Enterrom’s Content Management solution leverages features such as ready-to-use web parts, widgets, multiple language support, and mobile previews and device detection, to free time and resources so you can accomplish more.

With Entercart solution, we offers a rich set of e-commerce features, including fully configurable products, rule-based discounts, orders, customizable checkout processes, so you can focus on your sales.
With Dotmail immediately see how many people opened the email and read. You can see which content was most engaging and optimize your future mailings based on those results. Over the years, Entertop has converted the module to be subscription based which to be more enhancement friendly. Visit our dotmail.my for information about the subscription.
EnterMall is a subscription based e-commerce site creation platform which you could create an online shop within days. The EnterMall platform has comprised all latest plugins and modules that are developed dedicated to our all-in-one Enterrom CMS. To know more information about the EnterMall subscription, please visit www.entermall.my and start selling things online with ease.
Have a bold new business idea or concept? Our Enterapp web solutions can be specially customized according to your specifications. From minimalist one-pager websites, e-Commerce portals, and even to complex full-fledged customised and enterprise web solutions. Our web experts are here to relish every challenge and make your business idea into reality.

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