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Customized for your branding!

We design funny QR code with company logo

QR Code with company logo

Three simple steps to create QR code.

Send us your data and the logo to embed via Email.
We will create a mockup draft and an offer. Normally, the offered price will be RM 150. You can of course discuss changes with us after receiving the draft.

We create your Logo QR Code in print quality.
If you accept our offer, we will email you a customized Logo QR Code as JPG, PNG  file in print-quality as well as a GIF version.
We provide three sizes 150px x 150px,  300px x 300px, 600px x 600px

You use your customized Logo QR Code.
An embedded graphic will create additional attention for your QR Code and shows the user whom or what to expect before scanning it.